Nfu Oh and simple hologram nailart

Still trying to grow my own nails, but they havent grown that much. I'm not giving up, cos I really want to have long natural nails. They are stronger and they have grown, but just a little bit. You really need a lot of patience.

I've painted my nails with Nfu Oh. On top a glitter coat and on my ring finger I've chosen some cute hologram nailart. Very simple, but looks nice. But beeing very honest I do not really like this Nfu Oh color number 068. It is not my kind of thing.

For now I'm going to enjoy my freshly painted nails :). My nail friends...enjoy the summer weather.

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sofie said...

wow, prachtig!

Melanie said...

You don't like the color? well I think it is beautiful :) and the nailart makes it complete. Simple but very nice!

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