My first order for Nfu Oh

Maybe you think that I'm crazy to post a post online about my very first order for Nfu Oh polishes (actually not my first order for Nfu Oh, I've ordered one polish before at another webshop, but never received the little sucker). I just have to!

I'm so extremely happy! I just love the polish bottle design. It is the most beautiful polish bottle design in the whole wide world. The polish colors are from left to right 068 and 043. I think I'm in love with the orange one, it's not that I'm dutch so that's why I love orange. I can't help it. I love to drink orange juice and i really like the color orange. For the summer that is, it's a happy color. So bright. Happy feeling color.

I've ordered the Nfu Oh polishes at a dutch webshop called Nail XL. So I'm looking forward to receive my little package in the mail. I feel like a little kid. Almost forget to tell you, but I've also ordered my first Konad stuff. I'm the last person in the world who has no Konad stuff, hahaha.

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Steffie said...

I would love some Nfu Oh polishes but at this point in time I think they are too expensive. They do love beautiful

Sarah B. said...

You won't regret it!
All Nfu Oh's are very beautiful in person!!

Loved your photography! The lighting is excellent!
I followed you and will add you to my blogroll ;)

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