My first Konad purchase

My first Konad purchase. Seems that I'm the last person on this earth who had no Konad stuff. Today I received my purchase. I've ordered my Konad stamper and imageplates from a dutch webshop Boozyshop owned by Maaike. She's very kind and very fast service.

I've ordered the stamper, image plates, m37, m57 and m64. Some Konad polishes and Konad top coat. The nailwheels are not from the Boozyshop.

I'm very excited to try everything. I think it is so much fun to do :).

I really love the flower images and the tiger print. The zebra print is lovely too.

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Sarah B. said...

mmm, I dont have any Konad ! ehhehe
I don't really like most nail art to be honest. But the leopard print and the lace ones are very nice :)
Hope you like it!

Ali's Nail News said...

I don't have Konad either! I'm hoping to get one soon though. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and for the nice comments. Feel free to follow me. If you'd like that is. :-)


rachel said...

ik heb die image plates ook :D ben benieuwd !!

KarenD said...

I only have the little Essence stampy kit, and haven't worked up the courage to try it yet!

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