First attempt Konad stamping

So today, I had a little doubt about keep on going growing my own natural nails. I'm a fake nail acrylic girl. So nasty (not that nasty, but nasty in a good way ;), but I love it :). But I'm sick and tired to keep the acrylics onto my nails. It is a lot of work. I'm lazy you know :). No not that lazy, I just don't want them on my nails anymore. I'm thinking about doing acrylic tuts for Youtube on a fake practise finger. It is a option and the nail art stuff on my on natural nails.

My nails are kind of short at the moment. Maybe you wonder how that is possible, cos I have been gone for 3 months. The thing is my nails had to grow out, cos of the acrylics. So they are now all grown out and now I can start to let them grow longer. I hope they will. Follow these steps for natural long nails.

This was my very first attempt to use Konad. I almost threw the whole Konad stuff into my bin, cos the stupid stamper wouldn't stamp the image! Finally with some help from my other nail buddies (Jessica and Rachel) I succeeded! I also found a helpful video if you have any problems with your Konad stamper. Click here for the video. I think it looks horrible, but I have to practise. You can see the stamps looks kinda blurry. But hey it was my first time right :). The polish on my nails is from OPI Chocolate Moose, I did the stamping with Konad polish in brown color. I've used Konad imageplate number 37. So wish me luck for my next attempt for Konad stamping. It is fun :).

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ABOP said...

This looks beautiful for your first time. I really like those colors together.

susies1955 said...

You did great. :) SUPER.

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rachel said...

netjes barrie :D is niet zo moelijk he :D, leuk

Eye4Nails said...

thanks voor de tip over de konad stamps! Ik wil het binnenkort gaan bestellen, mocht het niet lukken weet ik wat ik kan proberen! :)

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