Pink and hearts nails

I'm totally into OPI Holy Pink Pagoda nailpolish. It's just the most awesome pink color I've ever seen!

Ik zal zo dadelijk zodra ik thuis kom, het engels naar het nederlands vertalen. Ik moet nu naar Noenoe's school. Spelletjes middag!

OPI Be mine your fine is one of my favorite nailpolishes. A lot of glitter and hologram hearts. To cute!

What I did is 2 layers of Holy Pink Pagoda and two layers of Your fine be mine. Next time I will only do one coat of Your fine be mine.

I think it looks so cute!

3 reacties:

Tierney said...

Very pretty!!

Kelly said...

Whoaaaa! this one is awesome, i need it!


Marian said...

This is really cute! xo

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