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Welcome to my nail blog, Nails 4 Stars. On Youtube I've got a channel for my nails: nails4stars. Because you all are so sweet to subscribe to my channel, I thought it would be fun to open a blog. On my Nails4stars blog I will be posting all kinds of nail stuff. I hope you will have al lot of fun on my blog and get inspired.

Two days ago I did my nails. Acrylic nails with clear tips and pink acrylic powder. The pink acrylic powder has a lot of glitters. Also I added some flakes.

I think they have a real 'bling bling' look and the are so sparkly in the sun. So lovely!

I've recorded a video of these nails. Don't mind the zooming part...i was trying to zoom in on the nails...lol.

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Brooke said...

Gorgeous design!!

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